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Our Mission

The in-home primary and geriatric care network that provides ongoing quality care for home-bound or home-limited patients.

Mission Statement

nurseWithPatientThe Mission of Mobile Primary Care is to offer quality primary healthcare to the home-bound and home-limited and provide the most convenient, detailed and service-oriented medical care, thereby improving and revolutionizing the healthcare delivery system throughout communities nationwide.

Values Statement

Mobile Primary Care is committed to quality in-home medical care in a supportive, team-oriented environment. We value intimate patient relationships centered on honesty, integrity, freedom of choice and human dignity.

The Mobile Primary Care Model

Mobile Primary Care was founded in 2007 by Dr. Cory Shaffer. Michelle Brenner and Susan Oesterle with the goal of providing the highest quality primary care to patients who were home bound or home limited. The practice has grown quickly as Mobile Primary Care has provided a much needed service for the elderly and for chronically ill patients.

The Mobile Primary Care model includes a team approach to health care by employing physicians, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners. This team works closely with the patient and their family to provide the most efficient, comprehensive, and holistic approach to their care.

Mobile Primary Care now has over 35 employees including dozens of providers and patient care coordinators. Mobile Primary Care house calls have doubled every year since its inception and the company made over 20,000 house calls in 2015. In addition to providing excellent health care, Mobile Primary Care has helped eliminate unnecessary emergency and hospital visits. This reduction reduces health care costs and keeps patients in the comfort of their own homes. The Mobile Primary Care Impact is the primary reason that we do what we do. We recognize that there is a great need for this type of healthcare in the future and want to provide the best possible care for our patients and their family members. By working closely with our patients, families, other healthcare providers, and insurance providers we can have a significant impact on our patients lives. Through our efforts we can help patients live independently longer and help reduce the rising cost of healthcare in America.


About Us

Providing quality, convenient, detail, & service-oriented primary healthcare to the homebound & home limited.

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Mobile Primary Care
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Telephone: 716-893-1010
Careers: 716-893-1010

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